Yakovlev Yak-18T

Type: Single Engine
Serial Number:
Reg Number:
Date of First Flight: 27.07.1979 Airframe : TTSN, hours: 1,559h32' Total No. of landings: 6744 Total No. of aerobatics flights: 1224 Overhaul of Airframe: Date of OH: 1983.02.25 TTSN: 612h 38' Overhaul of Airframe: Date of OH: 1987.01.08 TTSN: 1,237h 12' TSOH: 624h 35' No. of landings SN: 2432 No. of landings SN: 5210 No. of landings SOH: 2778 No. of aerobatics flights: 1023 No. of aerobatics flights: 1224 No. of aerobatics flights: 201 Airframe : TTSOH, hours: 322h 20' No. of landings SOH: 1534 No. of aerobatics flights: 0
Maximum Range
Max Speed
Useful Load
Engine: Ser. No. KYa 611011 (K611011) Type: Vedeneev M14P Date of Production: 27.01.1976 Date of First Flight: 27.07.1979 Engine: TTSN, hours: 1,213 Engine : TTSOH, hours: 134 Engine : TBO, hours: 500
Atitude Indicator AGD-1K Speed Indicator US-450 Altimeter VD-10K Heading and Compass System GMK-1 Turn and Sleep Coordinator EUP-53M VHF Tranceiver BAKLAN-5 Aviation chronometer AChS-1
Audiopanel w Marker Beacon Receiver and 4 seat stereo intercom with external music for each place Garmin GMA-340 Transponder mode C w Garmin GTX-327 Altitude encoder Ameriking AK-350 Altimeter in feet, mbar, Hg inch, 30,000 ft. Stand by Artificial Horizon electrical with Power Converter ELC-02 ser. 2 5934-1 OH- 2016 LUN-1202 Shadin Digital fuel management system Microflo-L Microflo-L Microflo-L Davtron 5-function indicator M655
Year of Refurbushing 2009 Wingtips Strobe lights Ceconite fabric, silver/blue metallic paint 2003
Interior: Fresh white lever complete Year of Refurbushing 2009 Exellent Noice reduction of cabin with noice asbsorbtion materials installed and fitted Windows : side rear: Tinted brown, side, doors: Tinted brown, upper, ceiling Tinted brown, front, windshield Slightly Tinted brown, Slightly bulbous for cabin noice reduction Seats:Overhauled, Refurbished Complete Logbooks
$65 000
VAT free
Condition Used
Year 1979
Type Single Engine
Aerodrome Vilnius
Country Lithuania