Vulcanair P-68 Observer 2

Type: Light twin
Serial Number:
Reg Number: N528SA
The new P68 Observer 2 has a unique aircraft design. The aircraft features a full Plexiglas nose allowing unrestricted forward visibility. This unique feature has many benefits for many categories of pilots / operators. Whether you are a Law enforcement pilot or you want to enjoy the view, no other fixed wing general aviation aircraft in the market has the same visibility. You will not miss traffic and you will not miss visual target on the ground.
Maximum Range
Max Speed
Useful Load
743 hours and 2 each IO-360-A1B6 engines
ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS- 24 Volt, 19 Amp/Hour Battery (Concorde RG24-20) 130 A Alternator 28Vdc, Two Voltage Regulators, Two Resettable Circuit Breakers External Power Supply Receptacle Static Discharge Wicks One important new feature of the new generation of P68 OBSERVER 2 is the redesigned glass cockpit allowing the installation of GPS/NAV/COM in a standard position versus the old position in which they were located between pilot and co-pilot. This new installation has improved entrance and egress of the pilot for added comfort and safety. The New glass cockpit allows maintain the extremely small dimensions of the cockpit to insure side and forward visibility
6 seats - P68 OBSERVER 2 features a redesigned interior so that passengers have gained a few inches of headroom especially in the aft area. The quickly removable seats make a large cabin volume available for the carriage of goods of all kinds of mountain bikes , golf clubs to stretchers for aerial ambulance duties
White paint. Original from factory
The P68 OBSERVER 2 has a standard predisposition for a camera hatch which is located under the second row right hand seat. The camera hatch 2.1 ft long and 1.5 ft wide (63x46cm) and allows the installation of the wide variety of equipment such as professional digital photogrammetric cameras and wide range of Gyro stabilized cameras such as L3 Wescam, Flir just to name a few.
$250 000
Condition Used
Year 2006
Type Light twin
Location Rimini
Country Italy