Vidor Asso V Champion

Type: Ultralight
Serial Number:
Reg Number: I-D248
For Sale VIDOR ASSO V CHAMPION, very close to the new condition, with only 10 total hours of flight (frame,engine, and propeller). Engine Rotax 912 ULS 100 hp with airbox. Merin explosion-proof main tank + removable auxiliary tank with electric pumps for transfer and filling. GT Propellers 2V-14 two-blades in-flight variable pitch propeller with Flibox PR1-P constant speed governor. Electric flaps with Flybox EFC57-P controller. Electric trim with Rac Electric Trim System actuator and indicator. Aveo Powerburst led Nav / Strobe lights, Led anticollision strobe light, Dual halogen landing lights. VHF com radio Bendix King Ky 97A. Transponder Mode C Bendix King KT 76A with Ameri-King Ak-350 encoder. Full VFR analogical flight instruments (airspeed indicator, altimeter, Vario) ,Flybox OBLO attitude indicator, electric turn & bank indicator, electric gyro directional. Flybox FC1 fuel computer. EGT thermometer with probes for each cylinder. Airbox air thermometer. Retractable landing gear with Easyfly Italy front shock absorber, Marc Ingegno main wheels with magnesium brake calipers and 5.00-5 aeronautical tires. This aircraft was built by aeronautical technician, with the best quality aeronautical material, without any economic savings. Rotax 912 ULS engine installed new by authorized Rotax IRMT, currently has about 10 flight hours, but since the aircraft is in use might be slightly increased by the publication of this ad for sale.
Maximum Range
Max Speed
Useful Load
Airframe built 2018, 10 hrs TSN 100 hp Engine Rotax 912 ULS, 10 hrs TSN Propeller GT Propellers 2V-14 two-blades, in-flight variable pitch, 10 hrs TSN
Full VFR - see photos
10/10 - see photos
10/10 - see photos
Condition Used
Year 2018
Type Ultralight
Location PE04
Country Italy