Vans RV-6 A

Type: Experimental
Serial Number:
Reg Number: OO-144
Dear reader, My father made his last flight with this airplane - his beloved RV6A - on February 13th this year, only six days before he left my mother and me unexpected on his last flight. He suddenly felt unwell in the morning, and late afternoon doctors could do nothing anymore for him. I have a rare orphan disease, my father set up a foundation to support me. Before my father left us, he wanted Maarten Vijverberg, a good friend, to sell the plane for me, herewith one of the actions to sell the plane. The yield coming out of this sale goes to the foundation which my father created for me. ----- The aircraft was completed in 2003 in Belgium. It was always registered in the Belgian registry. The aircraft is fully documented and comes with lots of tools, documentation and maintenance manuals. This RV6 comes with an approved and from completion date installed tail section modification and sliding canopy. The aircraft has the larger, better stability providing, tail section of the RV7. The maiden flight was on 22 February 2003.
Maximum Range
Max Speed
Useful Load
The aircraft was meticulous maintained by the owner and was regularly flown by only the owner. It shows normal wear and tear for a plane flown a little over 800hours.. TTSN: 815 Engine Lycoming O-360-A1A, TTSN: 815 with 4 new cylinders since 2018 With Christen Inverted oil system Constant speed propeller: Whirl Wind 200RV.
Standard Six pack with Gemini Electronic Horizon, Airspeed and Alti indicators 1x Autopilot heading / level, HDG, NAV, ALT capture and hold 2x 8.33 Funke radio with 2x Bose headsets and one Garmin SL30 transponder 1x Bendix KMD1500 and 1x Avmap V GPS.
8/10 Panel has a carbon fiber look overlay
8/10 Paint not perfect but in accordance with flight hours Recently replaced main tyres
Tail section upgrade to RV7 Sliding Canopy Andar Fuel Valve 5 Point harness Electric elevator trim on stick Electric flaps on stick Aileron trim on stick Strobes and landing light
Incl Taxes & Checkup
Condition Used
Year 2003
Type Experimental
Aerodrome EBTN
Country Belgium