Ultravia Pelican PL

Type: Experimental
Serial Number:
Reg Number: PH-PLC
The Pelican PH-PLC is a very well equipped 2 place GA aircraft. The Pelican PL has a safety record. The PH-PLC has been very nice built by experienced persons. This one is the third in row of the Pelicans we have built, number one is the PH-DAY, number two is the PH-DOO. It takes off at 55 kts, cruises at 100 kts with Euro 95, 98, Mogas or Avgas, burns at cruise 16 ltr fuel/hr. Fuel in wings, total of 90 ltr useful. Cabin is very solid and roomy MTOW is 637 kg (+ 50 kg in take off). Empty weight is 392 kg,
Maximum Range
Max Speed
Useful Load
EngineR otax 912 ULS 100 HP, engine and airframe have +/-650 hrs since new, still flying. In flight adjustable Woodcomp propeller. Full RCA basic instruments (6) TSO Rotax Flydat boardcomputer. The PH-PLC has a Noise Statement, Take Off Noise Level is 68.8 dB(A).
Full RCA basic instruments (6) TSO. Funkwerk ATR 833A 8.33 kHz Radio. Filser TRT800A Mode S transponder. Two David Clark headsets. IPad easy removable with your own program, for example SkyDemon.
The cockpit is very roomy and will fit pilots up to 2 meters. In the back there is plenty of room for luggage. New: stack (with ventilation) for IPad and two USB ports.
The fuselage is made of synthetic material, the wings and tail are made from aluminium. It is a very light and solid construction, in summer you can easily remove the doors, in winter there is a very good heater. There are a lot of Pelicans flying in Canadian winters. The PH-PLC is equipped with Vortex Generators, see pictures. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vortex_generator
The plane is hangared at airfield Drachten, EHDR. The buyer can hangar the plane also at this airfield for a reasonable price. Check out or even lessons or also possible.
$42 000
excl 21% EU VAT
Condition Used
Year 2002
Type Experimental
Aerodrome EHDR
Country Netherlands