Skyleader 600

Type: Ultralight
Serial Number:
Reg Number: I-B614
Advanced ULM Skyleader 600. Year 2013, 900 flight hours Rotax 914 turbo engine Beautiful livery. Always kept in a hangar, super-equipped, like new. A dream avionics, probably the most equipped Skyleader 600 in Europe. Redundant double or triple instrumentation, equipped to exit accidental IMC and suitable for VFR night flight (in countries where it is allowed). All documented calendar maintenance. Total revision 2019, aircraft, propeller, parachute ecc..with photo and invoice. Luxury interiors, wide space for two people, wide space for luggage. Safe, stable and fast. Equipped with ,914 turbo engine and PVV propeller. Suitable for long journeys, 120 lt long range tanks. Autonomy Km 1100, 75% Value from new new now so equipped Р‚ 220,000 (180k plus VAT) For sell for Р‚ 114,900.
Maximum Range
Max Speed
Useful Load
900 hours TT Engine Rotax 914 Turbo
Jihlavan Skyleader 600 I-B614 - Retractable gear with camera - Propeller variable pitch in flight and constant speed (two-blade Woodcomp SR 3000.2 WM) - Fowler flaps and electric trims - AP two-axis autopilot with automatic recovery - 2 EFIS Dynon Sky View 10' touch Screen with ADHARS - 1 EFIS full information backup - Ballistic parachute (600 kg - 270 km/h) - COMM radio 25 and 8.33 kHz, intercom Full engine instruments: Map, engine revs, oil pressure, oil temperature, EGT, CHT, fuel pressure, carburetor temperature, ammeter, voltmeter Instruments: ELT, TCAS, Flarm, VOR, ADS, 4 anemometers, 4 altimeters, stall warning, synthetic ground view, view of other areas with altitude position and direction of flight, G-meter, bluetooth connection to external devices, 2 electrical sockets 12 volts, strobe, navigation lights and landing, O2 equipment with 10 lt oxygen cylinder, two David Clark headsets.
As in the pictures
$89 900
VAT free
Condition Used
Year 2013
Type Ultralight
Aerodrome Near Milan
Country Italy