SG Storm 280 Special

Type: Ultralight
Serial Number:
Reg Number: I-B322
STORM 280 Special 2012 latest version , 340 hours of flight, hours can be change cause I use every week. Like new. It is perfect plane for Travel !!! Storm 280 is a solid low wing, metallic aircraft. many examples flying around the world, the wing has a rectangular shape, makes piloting very easy for any pilot, even beginner pilots. The stall speed is 55 km / h (30kias) in full flaps, approach speed 80 km / h (43kias), cruise speed 185 km / h (100kias), VNE 250 km / h (135kias). The wings without petrol tanks, make the aircraft very maneuverable along the roll axis, with pleasantly sporty performance.
Maximum Range
Max Speed
Useful Load
Full instruments,airplane 260hours of flying , after every flying , wash and clean . Engine Rotax 912 ULS 100hp 690 Hours 2006 in perfect condition. All inspection only authorized Rotax center, and have a complet log book plane and engine . Speed costant propeller Alisport idrovario, Keller instrument , constant rpm . It is possible to try in flight .Great opportunity!
Avionic full , radio 25 kHz , Gps , camera record onboard .Electrical and manual falps ,
10/10 , alcantara seats and alcantara interior
Thermostat oil and Oil flabell radiator .
$31 000
VAT free
Condition Used
Year 2012
Type Ultralight
Aerodrome LILM - Casale Monferrato
Country Italy