Robinson R-22 Beta

Type: Helicopter
Serial Number:
Reg Number: D-HEAD
This Helicopter was undergoing the 2200h/12Y Overhaul in 2015. The Aircraft is equipped with a transponder Mode S and a 9hole Panel, Directional Indicator and a VOR for Training.As well she got a Garming 430 GPS installed in it. Everthing is set back, so that the new happy owner can use it for the next 800 and/or 4years. The Helicopter has got Blue cloth interior. Oustide she got the Beta paintscheme. it really looks still great. The Helicopter was three times overhauled at the Manufacture in the US. There he got a bar metal down Painting each time and last time in 2008 a brand new interior. So you can easy call him a Modell 2015. All ADТ‘s/SBТ‘s are perfomed. The Bladdertanks are as well installed, as well as she has got a Garming 430, and a Transponder Mode S installed. VAT, if applicable.
Maximum Range
Max Speed
Useful Load
$99 222
excl 19% EU VAT
Condition Used
Year 1990
Type Helicopter
Aerodrome EDGS Siegerland Airport
Country Germany