Pitts S-1 C

Type: Aerobatic
Serial Number:
Reg Number: N1381
Pitts S-1 C Serial number 69 Year of construction: 1967 Traveling may not be so easy these days, but... who cares? Stay at home and still have loads of fun. Instead of droning around straight and level for hours, feel the excitement of flying loops and barrel rolls over your home airport on a warm summer evening... Hear the wind howling in the flying wires and smell the fresh cut grass when buzzing low over your neighbours garden. With this Pitts you can have more fun in half an hour than in a whole day of flying cross country. Please note that flying this plane requires some previous practice with tailwheel aircraft. Five hours of training on tailwheel aircraft and, if needed, for the aerobatic rating (EASA) is included in the price. Disclaimer: Flying aerobatics in a single seat open cockpit biplane is highly infectious, and those who are infected are very difficult to cure. Exposure to this kind of flying may at times leave you breathless, and it can cause increased heart rates and irritated spouses. In case you are not vaccinated against FUN, please be very careful when purchasing and handling this product.
Maximum Range
Max Speed
Useful Load
820 h Hobbs time, slowly increasing. Engine Lycoming O-320-EXP. with 160 hp. Bendix PS5 C carburetor New Cylinders 2017, Engine partially overhauled in 2014 with new camshaft, crankshaft, bearings, etc. Crossover exhaust system Christen inverted oil system Hoffmann wood prop (new 2019) currently installed, Sensenich metal prop and spinner (which does not fit the Hoffmann prop) also available. Really strong and reliable engine.
Trig Transponder and Radio new in 2018.
Only what you really need. 7/10
Still quite nice, last overhaul in the 1990s. 7/10
Can be delivered within Europe at purchasers expense.
$41 000
VAT free
Condition Used
Year 1967
Type Aerobatic
Aerodrome EDXR
Country Germany