Pipistrel Alpha Trainer

Type: Ultralight
Serial Number:
Reg Number: YU-A045
Aircraft always kept in hangar and has complete maintenance history. Owner is Pipistrel general distributor for Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Aircraft is monitored by CAMO organization and maintained by maintenance organization.
Maximum Range
Max Speed
Useful Load
Aircraft TT = 435h S/N 908 AT 912 Engine same TT, Rotax 912 UL Engine S/N 9 580 244 - All SB completed
Air speed indicator combined analogue and digital 80 mm - 3 1/8' diameter in Altimeter combined analogue and digital 80 mm - 3 1/8' diameter in feet (baro setting in millibars) Tachometer and hour meter 57 mm - 2 1/4' diameter Vertical Speed Indicator 57 mm - 2 1/4' diameter (with flight timer and clock) in feet/min Engine instruments Digital Unit (RPM, Oil pressure & temperature, WT, EGT, fuel gauge, voltmeter, manifold pressure (inHg), Units: Bar, В°C Radio Funke ATR 833 Transponder Funke TRT800H C/S-mode with encoder, aerial and installation Slip skid indicator Magnetic compass Added on basic - GPS Garmin 795 + AirGizmo
Leather seats (see pic.)
No damage history.
Added on basic equipment: Electric driven airbrakes Oil thermostat Aluminum throttle and choke levers instead of plastic Camlocks on the engine cowling (0.4 kg) Beringer high performance main wheels & brakes (includes parking brake) High speed laminar wheel fairings on all 3 wheels Rigid, new shape leather seats and cockpit upholstery upgrade Total price of added equipment: 9,000 euros.
$62 000
Incl Taxes & Checkup
Condition Used
Year 2018
Type Ultralight
Aerodrome Vojka
Country Serbia Montenegro