Piper PA-38 Tomahawk

Type: Single Engine
Serial Number:
Reg Number: EC-EYN
Lycoming O-235-L2C Serial RL-14159-15 , with 196:50 total hours. Remanufactured in 2004 in Lycoming factory in Pennsylvania USA and installed in Octubre 2006 at 10676:15 in the plane.10869-10676=193+3:50 test hours=196:50 TTSR in engine. The engine was preserved (time remaining 66 Months). Propeller hours: Sensenich 72CK-0-56-2. 695 TTSOH.Installed at 10174:50. No calendar limit! Motor TBO: 2400 + 10% + 10%: 2880h Potential remaining engine (Hours): 2203:10h + 10% + 10% = 2683:10 h Potential remaining engine (Time ): 66 Months Potential remaining wings : 5534h.This aircraft has a kit with EASA and FAA STC, to extend the hours to the wings,For 4300 $ plus shipping, import taxes to Europe and installation.Install it in this aircraft it could be around 15,000 hours in the wings. Http://www.sterlingaviationtech.com/product/tomahawk-pa-38-112-wing-life-extension/ Possibility of installing it at cost price in my JAR 145 workshop (Р‚ 5k) The wings were changed by the ATO Aeromadrid (one of the best atoТ‘s in europe for 20 years) with 10259:45 hours from new for others in a condition suitable for service with a time from new of 4856:40 hours. The plane has flown 610 hours since that time and has 10869: 00 hours since new. 10869-10259 = 610 , 4856 + 610 = 5466, 11000-5466 = 5534 hours available on the wings. Potential accessories : Magnetos: 2203:10h Carburetor: 2203:10h Starter: 2203:10h Alternator: 2203:10h Radiator Oil: 2203:10h Propeller: 1305h All Directives at day. All Flexible oil and fuel NEW. (1200 Р‚) Analysis of metal particles in engine oil incuiding in the price.
Maximum Range
Max Speed
Useful Load
REFURBISHED RECENTLY PANEL WITH NEW STICKERS... NEW - Compass PAI 700. NEW - JPI Fuel Scan FS450 New!! About 1000 euros with the installation. NEW - Altimeter mb. NEW - Ameri-King AK-350 ALTITUDE ENCODER 30K NEW - Variometer. NEW - 2 Nav / Com antennas commant CI-122 (500 Р‚) NEW - 4 Strobe Lights Wheleen with RF protection (much more expensive and difficult to obtain), 2 wintip 1 tail combined with nav (400 euros) and 1 fuselage bicolor protection (1000 Р‚ , more cables, braker, power supply and installation). NEW - Suction Indicator NEW - Indicator EGT / CHT NEW - Carburetor Air Temperature Indicator NEW - Clock NEW - KN Air Filter Washable (5% less consumption) (250 Р‚) NEW - Washable oil filter Challenger with EASA STC.Element for 1250 flight hours or 5 years (400 Р‚).(buy but not installed for preservation of the engine). NEW - KNOTS2YOU Fiberglass Fairing Dorsal Fin. NEW - KNOTS2YOU Fiberglass Fairing Lower Rudder. NEW - Gel Battery GILL 7025. NEW - All brakers. NEW - 8 Tempest Spark Plugs. NEW - Belt alternator. NEW - Engine Baffles. NEW - Rubbers planes fuselage joints. NEW - Cameras and wheel covers. NEW - Brake pads. NEW - PTT Pilot button. NEW - Pilot and Copilot 4-pin helmets. 2nd Altimeter in Mb in six pack instruments.(non TSO). OAT indicator. Pitot Heat
Intercom Sigtronics. King KX155 Nav / Com TSO King KR86 ADF TSO King KT76A Transponder TSO King KMA24 Audio panel TSO
8/10. Good condition. See pics. doors painted and gums of the new frames. The seats are being upholstered in camel leather.(Pics soon).
9/10. Newly painted blue zone of the fuselage ( New Green.2000Р‚ ).New wing treading zone with special stickers.New paint propeller. Good condition. Totally free of corrosion, treatment Piper.The plane has been in hangar the last 30 years ...
Towbar new. The airplane is ready to fly , Annual Inspection, ARC and 8.33 radio instalation and the plane is on air.One week after sale. ARC,annual inspection and a new radio 8.33 are included in the price for full sale ...
$55 000
VAT free
Condition Used
Year 1979
Type Single Engine
Aerodrome LERO
Country Spain