Pilatus P-2 06

Type: Warbird
Serial Number:
Reg Number: HB-RAR
Aircraft of the Swiss Air Force that served as trainer, liaison and flight school machine from 1949 to 1980. Military registration number: U136. Aircraft history: 1981 Bought from the Swiss Air Force by “L’Aйrotique Association” First civil-registered P2 aircraft 1998 Wings and flaps repair, control surfaces covering (vertical, horizontals and ailerons) because of a severe hailstorm 2001 Cylinder heads refurbishment (12x), cylinders honing, replacement of the12 pistons, pins and rings with new parts. Good condition, still fully operational. Complete manufacturer’s technical documentation and maintenance tools available. Spare parts for sale – SEPARATELY - - - Airframe: 2016hrs TSN Engine: Walter Motorlet, Argus AS.410-A2 12-cylinder inverted V, 465 PS at 3200rpm 1148hrs TSN Propeller: Argus Propellerwerk, AS. L-22 2-blades, compressed wood, constant speed (no variable speed) 1704hrs TSN No. of seats: 2
Maximum Range
Max Speed
Useful Load
$180 000
Incl Taxes & Checkup
Condition Used
Year 1950
Type Warbird
Aerodrome LSGE
Country Switzerland