Mil Mi-2

Type: Helicopter
Serial Number:
Reg Number: LY-REG
MIL MI-2 Experimental for sale - great looks. ________________________________ : The MI-2 is a light multipurpose helicopter developed by the designed bureau of the legend Mikhail Mil. From 1965 -- 1992 and it has been in production in the Swidnik' factory (Poland). Some 5.418 units where built. The MI-2 offers optimal flight performance and great usability for a wide range of missions. cargo and passenger transportation, agricultural works, search and rescue [SAR] operations, patrolling operations and aerial photography. The Mi-2 is used by many countries world wide.
Maximum Range
Max Speed
Useful Load
Recent annual. TTSN:2.850 Hrs - ONLY !! Most components TBO: 650 Hrs. Now flying - No problems ! 2 x Klimov GTD-350 turbine engines.
Gyrocompass Radio Altimeter Blind-Flying Panel Radio Compass Nose and Tail Warning Radar and more ..
Very good condition, sporty look.
Very good condition, Clean and classic look.
Intercom System Additional Equipment: Pneumatic System Pressure 49 Bars for Main Wheel Brakes. Electric De-Icing Of windscreen Electric De-Iced main And tail rotor blades Engine Air Intake De-Icing By Engine Bleed Air AC Electrical System With Two STG-3 3kw Engine-Driven Starter
$80 000
VAT free
Condition Used
Year 1981
Type Helicopter
Aerodrome ESOW
Country Sweden