Magnus Aircraft Fusion 212

Type: Ultralight
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DULV (MTOW 600 kg ) certified NEW UL aircrafts with Premium custom designs, options - SAMPLE CONFIGURATION -
Maximum Range
Max Speed
Useful Load
ROTAX 912 iS Sport (100 hp- injected) Woodcomp SR3000/3N in flight adjustable constant speed propeller
3-1/2' Analog instruments (Airpseed, Variometer, Altimeter, Slip) Dynon Skyview 10' EFIS (with EMS, ADAHRS, Back up battery) Dynon VHF Com 8,33 Khz Dynon Transponder Mode S Dynon Pitot/AOA system Alternate Normal 2-1/4' instrument (compass)
Premium materials / custom design Dual Control System (Adjustable pedals) Electrical elevator trim (control on the joysticks) Electrical flaps control BRS (MTOW 600 kg) - Ballistic recovery system GADRINGER - 4 point seat belts Cabin heating
Premium custom design BERINGER 6' wheel and brake system with parking brake AVEO 3in1 wingtip lights (NAV/POS/STROBE) Landing gear fairings
Condition Used
Year 2021
Type Ultralight
Location LHPP
Country Hungary