LET L-410 Turbolet UVP-E20 2ea

Type: Commuter
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Reg Number: RA-reg
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Sale two airplanes 2011 year of manufacture L 410 UVP-20 Turbolet is a universal twin-engine aircraft for supplying overhead lines. Aircraft with shortened take-off and landing properties (UVP - 'Shortened take-off and landing') was developed by the Let factory design bureau. Designed for operation on grassy, unpaved, snowy unprepared areas, as well as in airports with short stripes. Produced to date in a Czech factory 19 passengers or 1800 kg of cargo The mass of fuel in the main tanks, kg 1000 The mass of fuel in the end tanks, kg 313.8 Maximum speed, km / h IS 335 Practical range, km 1410 Practical ceiling, m 4250 First airplane flight time:В  1874 hours SecondВ airplane flight time: 2033 hours Type engines: WALTER 601 Type propeller: V510/90A/C In conservation since 2016 year. The price includes pre-flight preparation of the aircraft. More info and photos on request.
Maximum Range
Max Speed
Useful Load
$1 150 000
Condition Used
Year 2011
Type Commuter
Location Moscow
Country Russia