Laser Akro Z

Type: Aerobatic
Serial Number:
Reg Number: SE-XHB
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1989 Laser homebuilt in Norrkцping Sweden. IO360 high compression engine rated at 230hp with a wooden MT constant speed propeller.
Maximum Range
Max Speed
Useful Load
Aircraft TT 327 h, Engine SMOH 0h, Magnetos after 500h inspection 0h, Fuel Injector SMOH 0h, Prop Governor SMOH 0h, Fuel Divider SMOH 0h, all rubber hoses 2020, engine pads 2020, New tires 2017, new brakes 2017, new light weight generator 2017, light weight battery (1.6 kg) 2017, Prop OH 2017 at MT-propellers
Trig radio 2017, Trig transponder 2017, AERA500 GPS, g-meter, CTH and EGT
Hooker harness
Original paint and fabric
Strong parachute 2018, 40l belly mounted ferry tank.
$62 000
Condition Used
Year 1989
Type Aerobatic
Location Eskilstuna ESSU
Country Sweden