Hughes 500 C

Type: Helicopter
Serial Number:
Reg Number: G-HEWZ
Very attractive and well maintained Hughes 500C currently in private ownership and sold as VAT paid.
Maximum Range
Max Speed
Useful Load
ALLISON 250-C20 Airframe approx 7800 TT Airframe approx 7800 TT Interior : Immaculate leather re-trim 10/10 Exterior : Perfect paint 10/10 Avionics : Modern avionics with 8.33 and Mode S Options Provision for hook. Remarks Exceptional helicopter to be delivered with new annual. AAI Nightscanner Landing Light SH1383SO FAA337 30/06/10 Teledyne replacement Battery SH2240SO FAA337 06/01/95 Cabin heat & anti-ice Hughes At Build 1974 Dual controls Hughes At Build 1974 Position and strobe lights Hughes At Build 1974 High skid gear Hughes At build 1974 Cascade leg fairings SH4344NM FAA337 30/6/10 AAI Rain gutter kit SH1626SO FAA337 10/01/09 Compressor wash kit Hughes UK C of A issue VSI Hughes UK C of A issue Altimeter / millibar scale Hughes UK C of A issue Radio 1 King KY-196A VHF Hughes FAA337 30/6/10 Audio panel Garmin GMA 340P Hughes FAA337 30/6/10 Radio 2 King KX-165A/nav/com Hughes FAA337 30/6/10 EASA compliant 8.33 spacing HSI display King KCS-55 system Hughes FAA337 30/6/10 Facet engine oil filter SH401GL FAA337 10/11/10 Pneumatic door openers SH2735NMFAA337 10/11/10 ATC Transponder King KT-78A Hughes FAA337 28/9/78 Altitude encoder Trans-cal A30-5 Hughes FAA337 30/6/10 Low volts warning light RC Allen CAA 30/6/10 Shadin fuel flow meter SE492GL FAA Flight Manual CSP-HS-1 Revision 10 30 August 2011 Aircraft is configured with 4 Bose headset connectors. 2 x Bose noise cancelling headsets ( one with Bluetooth phone) 2 x David Clarke headsets and one Peltor headset Ground handling wheels and lever. 4 x tie downs. Front center seat, seat back and base plate from a 500D with different trim but with no middle seat shoulder strap. If required I can supply and fit a set of 369D low skid gear to assist with sea shipping needs at no extra cost.
Modern avionics with 8.33 and Mode S
Immaculate leather re-trim 10/10
Perfect paint 10/10
Provision for hook.
$375 000
Incl Taxes & Checkup
Condition Used
Year 1974
Type Helicopter
Aerodrome Eglm
Country England