Glasair GlaStar GS-1

Type: Experimental
Serial Number:
Reg Number: D-EORG
Fast and spacious touring plane
Maximum Range
Max Speed
Useful Load
306 hrs S/N, Lycoming O-320 D1F, CS Prop Hartzell HC-F2YL-1F
Nav/COM: Garmin KX255a Transponder: Garmin GTX 330 GPS: Bendix/King KMD 250 Flight instruments: EFIS D-10A Dynon & Altitude encoder air data display Micro Encoder RMI Enginemonitor: VM1000 Vision Micro Autopilot: 2-Axis, Truetrak System Inc. Anti-Collision Display: TRX-2000 Flarm Intercom: Engineering Inc. PMA 4000 ELT: Kannad AF406
2 x David Clark H10.3, upgraded to ANR Panel mount for navigational computer (Ipad_mini)
Strobe-lights (wing) Navigation lights Landing light
LASAR ignition system Auxiliary tanks 2 x 35 Ltr. (total fuel is 186 Ltr.) VOR with glideslope indicator Tail dragger option implemented, certification needs update of flight manual (by LBA) Support struts for road transportation Cabin cover
$90 000
Condition Used
Year 2010
Type Experimental
Location Waldshut-Tiengen
Country Germany