DynAero MCR-4 S turbo

Type: Single Engine
Serial Number:
Reg Number: F-PHAC
SE-Aviation s.a.s is supporting the owner of this MCR4S to find a new owner. SE-Aviation today offers new Airplanes, and can promptly deliver all spare parts for most Airplanes formerly sold under DynAero brand. SE-Aviation offers 2 and 4 seater Aircraft which can be registered under various conditions depending on the country of registration. Kit or turn-key.. UL.VLA.LSA Experimental CNSK etc.Todays MCR Aircraft are all build in carbon, and very agile and economical. All MCR can be fitted with a parashute resque system, and MCRs can be nosewheel or taildragger, 80-141HP, up to 200l fuel.. ask for more informations .. see other MCR for sale under the link below 'specifications' The reason for this sale is, that the owner wants to upgrade to a new MCR 4S Evolution with a Rotax 915iS MCR 4S with Rotax 914 Turbo DynAero Number 035, the wing was renewed in 2012! the 5 year inspection and exchange of parts will be done before sale! the Plane is available upon request White w stripes NO DAMAGE History, One Owner/pilot since TT284H TT Aircraft: Approx 1750 since new This plane is registered in France under the KIT classification CNSK, and the registration can be kept in france for EU citizens, please ask for details. 4 Seater with aprox 380Kg payload
Maximum Range
Max Speed
Useful Load
Engine Rotax 914 UL3, S/N: 7.682.454 New in 2013, 850H SN At 700H flighttime the Enginebox show 968 engine hours.. Taxi, Runup-cool down etc. Propeller MTV 2 Blade Constant speed Repaired/maintained 2019, but no Overhaul since new. Year: 2004 Serial Nr.: 35 Weight: 389 kg Hours Cell: 1680 h only flown from on person, no school Engine: Rotax 914 (850 h, new Engine in 2013) New wing in 2012 Parachute: BRS-6-1800, next repack in 02/2021, Deployment system: will be renewed in 2020. Equipment: EFIS (main): MGL EFIS (Redundance): D10 A (with accu) from Dynon Moveable and active cooled socket for ipad (right side) Radio: Trig Ty91 with 4 place intercom Transponder: TRT 800 with ADSB-out Powerflarm (Flarm and ADSB-in, shown on MGL EFIS) 2 axe-autopilot Flash and position-lights Propeller: MT, 2 plade MTV 21-A: inspected in 2019 at MT
Main EFIS: G3 von MGL mit folgenden Komponenten: Ьberwachung von: Bordspannung Ladestrom Tankanzeige Tank links Tankanzeige Tank rechts Fuel flow Fuel pressure 4 mal EGT 2 mal CHT Oiltemp Oilpressure Airbox-temperature MAP RPM Traffic-Anzeige von Flarm und ADSB Gerдten auf der moving map Horizont Speed (IAS/TAS/GS) Kurs magnetisch und GPS Windberechnung relativ zum Kurs Kugel Warnlampen fьr: Batteriespannung low, Tank min (getrennt fьr links und rechts), Turbo-Warnung und Alarm, EFIS-Alarm Instrumente: EFIS G3 von MGL Standy EFIS D10 A mit internem Akku von Dynon Funk: Trig Ty 91 mit 4 Platz intercom Transponder: Filser TRT 800 mit ADSB out und in. Flarm: TRX 1500, Anzeige am EFIS G3 Mechanische MAP-Anzeige (parallel zur elektronischen am G3) Mechanische Tankuhren fьr Tank links und rechts (parallel zu den elektronsichen am G3) Aktiv belьftete und schwenkbare Halterung fьr iPad (normale GrцЯe, nicht Mini) Autopilot mit Hцhenhaltung Autopilot w altitude hold!
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White w stripes
LED strobes und Positionslichter (grьn und rot) LED Landescheinwerfer Trimmung: fьr Seiten- und Hцhenruder, elektrisch Landeklappen: zwei Stufen, elektrisch Buchse fьr Zigrettenanzьnder Resque System BRS / Rocket will be replaced before sale
$104 500
Condition Used
Year 2004
Type Single Engine
Location LOKH Hirt Austria
Country Austria