DynAero MCR-4 G3x Travel

Type: Experimental
Serial Number:
Reg Number: F-PUSS
The F-PUSS is an ideal low-cost traveller plane. The turbo performance combined with the long-range tanks, the economic ROTAX engine, the payload and the large and flexible baggage compartment make it easy to plan for long distance trips. The Avionik, 4 channel radios, 2 axis auto pilot and traffic alert support the trip in a perfect manner. Travel at 120Knts TAS @20l/h with 3 Persons and 6 hours endurance and still have payload margin for luggage. Take 4 persons on a sight-seeing trip in the mountains and enjoy the performance of the turbo at the high Alps altitudes. Its sold to upgrade to a new MCR4s
Maximum Range
Max Speed
Useful Load
- Cell: DynAero MCR4S Build 2010 - 1221h TSN, no postponed ops. - Engine: ROTAX 914 UL Build 2006 – 1392h TSN - Propeller: MTV-21-A/170-125 Build 201 - 302h TSO
- Garmin G3X touch 10“ and 7“ Display with full European chart set o Online wind calculation to find optimum travel altitude, o Garmin Angle of Attack (AOA) pitot with G3X integrated indication, o 2 ADAHRS and 2 GPS antennas. o Glide Range display taking wind and terrain into account - Garmin G5 with battery and independent ADAHRS as fallback instrument - Garmin GMC 305 2-axis auto pilot o with dedicated interface panel and G3x and G5 control, o smooth climb with Indicated Airspeed (AIS climb) function, o Vertical navigation (VNAV) including IFR approaches. - Garrecht TRX 1500 Power Flarn integrated into G3X display - Garmin GNC 255 Radio o with VOR (GPS Backup) and ILS glideslope, o with database of airfield names. - Garmin GMA 245R remote audio panel controlled via G3X o with 3D stereo, o 4 port stereo intercom, o Mobile phone connection via bluetooth, o External 3.5mm jack for music player or emergency handheld radio. - Garmin GTR 255 remote mounted radio o 8.33 Khz and monitoring function, o frequency taken from G3X maps and G3X waypoints. - Additional Engine Sensors o 2 x EGT, o 2 x Cyl. Head Temperature, o Fuel Pressure, o Dual Fuel Flow, o Shunt for Amperemeter.
- Red fabric and white synthetic leather seats, - side covers in black leather with red applications, all in good condition, - 2 Rear seats can be downfolded to create large baggage compartment. - Cabin width listed with 118cm, more than Piper, Cessna, or Mooney - Second cigar lighter socket for external charging
- Colour White in good condition, - unique 'MirС‚' design applied as removable stickers, - Glass ceramic coating with 4years warranty remaining. o Cleaning after one year still as easy as with a fresh polished surface - Tie down hooks under the wings.
- Empty weight 381Kg - 369Kg Payload - No postponed operation, all within Time Limits - 200L long range fuel tank - Rear left baggage compartment door for easier loading and service - Flash and position lights - Landing light - Removable front wheel fairing - Electric aileron and elevator trim - BRS ballistic rescue system, build 2013 - Design applied with removable stickers - ELT Kannad 406 integrated with remote switch at the dashboard - Silent Hektik voltage regulator with small cooling fan - Voltmeter in cigarette lighter o to check voltage before activating the avionics - One Finger Pulse Oximeter
$139 000
VAT free
Condition Used
Year 2010
Type Experimental
Aerodrome ETSI
Country Germany