DynAero MCR-01 Club

Type: Experimental
Serial Number:
Reg Number: PH-YOY
MCR CLUB (extended range) composite (carbon/glass) experimental aircraft in very good condition. This MCR is equipped with long-range wing tanks (max 140 liter!), that with its low consumption of only 18 l per h will give you more than 7.5 hours of flight to bring you anywhere. With its Dynon glass cockpit and Autopilot, MT constant speed prop and BRS rescue system, this is a very nice touring aircraft, that outperforms most other experimentals. With its low weight, but very high performance, agility and safety, the MCR is one of the best ranking composite experimentals: MTOW 490kg VNE:162 kts (300 km/h) VNO:127 kts (236 km/h) VFE:89 kts (165 km/h) VS0:43 kts (79 km/h)
Maximum Range
Max Speed
Useful Load
AC/Engine TT: 132 h Engine: Rotax 912 ULSFR 100 Hp (TBO: 1878 h)
Dynon glass cockpit with analog backup: - Dynon SkyView 7” panel with backup battery - Dynon ADHRS + OAT sensor - Dynon EMS D10 (engine monitoring system) - Dynon AP pitch & roll servos (2-axis trim & autopilot control) - Garmin GPSMAP 695 - Garmin GTX 328 transponder - iCOM radio (8.33 and 22 kHz spacing) - Kannad 406 ELT Analog backup gauges: - TAS (knots) - ALT (0-10.000ft, mbar) - VSI (ft/min)
Constant speed MT propeller BRS 6 1050 SP ballistic rescue system Long-range wing tanks (L: max 65l R: max 75l)
$70 000
excl 21% EU VAT
Condition Used
Year 2009
Type Experimental
Aerodrome Lelystad
Country Netherlands