CZAW SportCruiser

Type: Experimental
Serial Number:
Reg Number: SE-XZL
SportCruiser. EXPERIMENTAL, sr. number: 700946 manufactured: 2010 It is a professional model, I have owned it since first flight, she has always been hangered and well maintained. Locking Canopy Dual Sticks Individually adjustable Rudder Pedals 4-point Seatbelts Large Baggage Area Wing Lockers Wing Tanks 2 x 57 lt Electric Aileron Trim Electric Pitch Trim Trim Control and PTT on Control Sticks Electric Flaps with LED Position Display Hydraulic Brakes, Dual Foot-tip Brake Pedals Parking Brake Wheel Fairings Tow Bar Strobe and NAV lights in wing tips Canopy Sunshade Strengthened nose gear (Dover Modification) Canopy Cover
Maximum Range
Max Speed
Useful Load
Engine Rotax 912 ULS 100 hp Woodcomp 3000/3 C/S 410 hours, on going
Transceiver, Funke ATR 833 Transponder, Microair T2000SFL EFIS, AvMap Ultra EFIS AP, Trio Pro Pilot Fuel flow, Electronics International FP-5 Airspeed, Winter 6 FMS Altimeter, Falcon ALT 20MBF-3 Magnetic Compass, SIRS Back up, Talos avionics FlySense AoA GPS, Garmin aera 500 ELT, Artex ME406 Engine gauges, Analog instruments
Blue/grey velvet
White, blue and silver
$52 000
VAT free
Condition Used
Year 2010
Type Experimental
Aerodrome ESMK Kristianstad
Country Sweden