CubCrafters Carbon Cub EX ready built

Type: Single Engine
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CUBCRAFTERS CARBONCUB EX-2 / EX-3 – Not only a plane but a Lifestyle!
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Max Speed
Useful Load
CARBONCUB re-defined the EAB – airplane market, as she is the first Cub of 21st century. A real high performance airplane, made of modern materials like carbon-fibre and computer-aided design technology. Made of 50 percent less parts and about 120 Kg lighter than a comparably equipped SuperCub she is a class on her own. CARBONCUB is roomier, more robust, stronger and combines classic flair with modern avionics. The STOL performance is remarkable, combined with a generous useful load, speed and cross-country range. Construct your minimalist, lightweight EX to drop into tiny mountain clearings surrounded by forest, or add extended baggage and long range tanks to support extended hunting excursions. The Carbon Cub EX will satisfy your mission. CARBONCUB is available in two options. EX-2 with a fixed pitch prop, capeable to become the most lightweight backcountry plane you are dreaming of and EX-3 with a constant speed prop and gross weight of 2,000 lbs and cruise speed of 135 MPH.
standard VFR cockpit or Garmin G3X Suite, with full-glass-cockpit and autopilot
2 seats, dual controls, baggage compartment
CARBONCUB is available on various wheelsets, between 6.0“ up to 35“ – Tundra-tires, with floats and amphibious floats and skis.
You don’t want to build the plane your self but become part of the CUBCRAFTERS lifestyle? CubCrafters Europe have the perfect solution for you: Why not have your dream airplane built by us? You simply pick your version and options out of our box and add the build – option. The plane will be manufactured by our professional builders team and you will get your factory made EAB aircraft, ready to fly home.
Incl Taxes & Checkup
Condition Used
Year 2020
Type Single Engine
Aerodrome EPRZ
Country Poland