Cessna 510 Citation Mustang

Type: Executive
Serial Number:
Reg Number: D-IUVH
815h AFTT | P&WC PW615F-A FADEC engines 815h | CESCOM, Power Advantage + ProParts enrolled | Private owned EASA Part
Maximum Range
Max Speed
Useful Load
Total time of 815h SNEW in 09/2015, enrolled on ProParts and CESCOM with EHM. Dual P&WC PW615F-A FADEC engines with 815h SNEW in 09/2015 and 641 cycles, enrolled on Power Advantage Plus. Current ProParts rate as of 03/2021 is 201,58$/h and Power Advantage Plus as of 03/2021 is 152,71$/h per engine.
: Garmin G1000 featuring Synthetic Vision, Jeppesen Charts, SafeTaxi dual 10.4-inch LCD Control Display Unit – GDU 1040A Traffic Advisory System (TAS) - King KTA 870 Single 15-inch LCD MFD – GDU 1500 Dual Engine/Airframe Adapter – GEA 71 Dual Digital Air Data Computers – GDC 74B Dual Attitude & Heading Reference Systems AHRS – GRS 77 Dual Magnetometers – GMU 44 Dual Integrated Units – VHF Com, VHF Nav/Loc, Glideslope, GPS & Flight Director – GIA 63W Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) – KN 63 Remote Flight Management System (FMS) MFD – GCU 475 Dual Mode S Transponder with Antenna Diversity – GTX 330D ES (ADSB-Out Upgraded) TAWS-B with Worldwide Terrain & Obstacle Database Weather Radar – Garmin GWX 68 and GDL69 Weather Data Link Autopilot - Garmin GFC 700 Autopilot with GMC 710 Mode Controller Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) capable sent signal of 121.5, 243.0 and 406.028 MHz Additional Features: Synthetic Vision and Jeppesen Chartview DME equipped ADSB-Out Upgraded Upgraded Windshield Heat Controllers Anti-Corrosion Protection Paint Sealant applied Part NCC operated 40 Cu ft. Oxygen Bottle XM Radio / AUX Radio
Original interior from 09/2015, highly favored Nordic interior with Black Diamond combination in pristine condition. Spacious cabin offers space for up to four passengers in club seating configuration. Executive writing table on both sides with individual reading lights for every seat. After facing seats recline.
Original paint from 09/2015 in Matterhorn White with Aztec Silver Metallic, Steel Blue Metallic and Slate Grey Metallic stripes in pristine condition.
Ownership Status: The present owner is the 2nd owner in total. The aircraft was sold NEW to its first owner, a UK company in 09/2015, flown on behalf of only one pilot, the owner himself. The first owner performed the ADSB-Out Upgrade and has used the aircraft for frequent travels to the USA. In 10/2017, the first owner sold the aircraft to its second and present owner, a German company which transferred the Mustang onto German registry. Since 12/2017, this Mustang is “D” registered, Part NCC operated and owner flown on behalf of 1 pilot. This Mustang has been either Textron Service Center maintained or on behalf of an experienced Mustang maintenance facility. Aircraft under CAMO, all logbooks available SNEW and always hangared. Immaculate inside and outside condition. Toilet has never been used, has still got factory plastic foil on it, see pictures. First owner had a bird strike on L/H wing in 08/2017 which resulted in a L/H wing boot replacement and minor spot repair of L/H leading edge performed on behalf of Textron Service Center Doncaster, Work Order of repair is available. Information about Cessna Citation Mustang: The Citation Mustang is a typical “entry level jet” offering itself as a perfect upgrade for owners and pilots upgrading from single engine turbo prop or complex piston aircraft flying to the world of jet flying. It has a better full fuel payload and range compared to the CJ and CJ1. The Garmin G1000 avionic system makes it easy to operate single pilot taking lots of workload from the pilot. It enables the possibility of travelling distances across Europe fast with low direct operating costs. The cabin of the Citation Mustang makes you feel comfortable with the after facing seats being able to recline. Dual executive writing tables enable the possibility of working while cruising high or just being able to enjoy an executive meal. The perfect match for making yourself familiar with the world of jet flying. Performance Parameters and W&B Status: Certified Weights: Maximum Ramp Weight 8.730lbs/3.960kg Maximum Takeoff Weight 8.645lbs/3.921kg Maximum Landing Weight 8.000lbs/3.629kg Maximum Zero Fuel Weight 6.750lbs/3.062kg Maximum Fuel Capacity 2.580lbs/1.170kg/1.462l Basic Operating Weight: Equipped Empty Weight 5.440lbs/2.467kg Single Pilot & Furnishings 200lbs/91kg Basic Operating Weight 5.640lbs/2.558kg Payload: Useful Payload with max Fuel 710lbs/322kg Usable Fuel with max Payload 2.090lbs/948kg/1.185l Cruise Performance: Cruises FL310 with 365KTAS using 780Ibs total @ ISA -5°C Cruises FL360 with 360KTAS using 660Ibs total @ ISA -5°C Cruises FL390 with 345KTAS using 560Ibs total @ ISA -11°C Cruises FL400 with 343KTAS using 550Ibs total @ ISA – 7°C Cruises FL410 with 330KTAS using 500Ibs total @ ISA 0°C Maintenance Status: 03/2017 performed Inspection Document 1 08/2020 performed Inspection Document 6 08/2019 performed Inspection Document 7 11/2017 performed Inspection Document 8 08/2019 performed Inspection Document 10 07/2020 performed Inspection Document 12 08/2020 performed Inspection Document 13 08/2020 performed Inspection Document 14 08/2019 performed Inspection Document 15 09/2018 performed Inspection Document 16 09/2018 performed Inspection Document 17 09/2018 performed Inspection Document 18 08/2019 performed Inspection Document 20 08/2020 performed Inspection Document 21 08/2019 performed Inspection Document 22 08/2019 performed Inspection Document 30 10/2017 performed Inspection Document 31 02/2020 performed Inspection Document 34 08/2020 performed Inspection Document 35 11/2017 performed Inspection Document MA 08/2020 Inspection Document MD 09/2018 performed Inspection Document ME All mandatory ADs and mandatory SB complied with, corrosion protection and paint sealant applied, enrolled on CESCOM, ProParts and Power Advantage Plus.
Condition Used
Year 2015
Type Executive
Location Germany
Country Germany