Cessna 206 Soloy Turbine skydive

Type: Single Engine
Serial Number:
Reg Number: D-ERUR
Cessna 206 Soloy Mk 2 in Skydive configuration for 1+6
Maximum Range
Max Speed
Useful Load
Total Time: 2.921 h Total Landings: 9.772 Engine Cycles: 2.230 Engine Rolls-Royce Allison 250-B17 F/2 Total Engine Time: 2.190 Engine now at 150 h after Overhaul
Com 1 / Nav 1 / GS: King KX165A Com 2 / Nav 2: King KX155A Marker: King KMA26 ADF: King KR87 GPS: King KLN94 XPDR: Garmin GTX330 Encoder: Trans Cal SSD120-(0) A/P: King KAP140 ELT: Kannad 406 AF-COMP.
Skydive Kit with Headliner, Barrier, Safety Belts, Floor, Curtain, Holding Rail below Curtain
Skydive Kit with Steps at door and over Right Wheel, Outside Handels, Wind Deflector, Tundra Wheels
5-Blade-MT-Propeller MTV-5-1-D-C-F-R(A)/CFR210-56 Noise Level ICAO ANN. 16 Vol I Chpt. 10 (10.4b) only at 71,5 dBA
$664 000
excl 16% EU VAT
Condition Used
Year 1999
Type Single Engine
Aerodrome EDMI
Country Germany