Boscaratto B-1 Excalibur

Type: Experimental
Serial Number:
Reg Number: I-BCMA
Singe seat aerobatic aircraft Wood construction with metal wing struts Span: 7.46 m Length: 5.65 Empty Weight: 470 kg Aerobatic Configuration: 600 kg Max Take Off Weight: 700 Kg Load Factor:+6/-4 G Max Speed in Horizontal Flight: 345 kmh Stall Speed, No Flaps: 98 kmh Stall Speed with Flaps: 90 kmh Take Off Run: 120 m Landing Roll: 150 m Max. Endurance: 3:30 hrs
Maximum Range
Max Speed
Useful Load
Engine Lycoming AIO-360 200 HP, 30 hours since overhaul, currently preserved Propeller Hoffmann 3 Bladed Constant Speed Wood/Composite
Radio installation with antenna and electrical system, but radio not availabe

Red, original paint in good condition
Christen Inverted Oil System Additional Under Wing Fuel Tanks 5 Point Seat Belts Smoke System
$25 000
VAT free
Condition Used
Year 1990
Type Experimental
Aerodrome Cremona in Storage
Country Italy