Beech 60 Duke on AOC

Type: Light twin
Serial Number:
Reg Number: D-IUTI
RARE OPPORTUNITY ZERO-TIMED DUKE on AOC! You will buy a zero-timed aeroplane, already on a German AOC for the last 10 years, located in Cyprus (S/E Europe). Offered for Executive Flying Chartering and naturally it may be perhaps the only B60 that had all of its components changed over the recent years. Continuation on the AOC may be discussed with 2 Pilots ready to fly at any time. The condition in and out may be assessed 9/10. When compared to a twin turboprop it has similar performance and loading but it costs a fraction of the price to buy and materially less to maintain. In addition, in cruise it burns less than 2/3 of the fuel. Finally, it does not need a type rating to be able to legally fly it. All these imply substantial savings that can be spent for flying!! We have owned our B60 since 2011 and has always been on the AOC. Our SN is 582 out of a total of 596 that were built and thus incorporates all of the modifications and improvements that Beech assessed necessary based on the learning curve of previous aircrafts. Maintenance has always been done by a German EASA 145 and no money was spared on maintenance. It has always been hangared and professionally flown only by a single commercial pilot since 2011. With pressurized cabin you may cruise at FL240 with a TAS 208kts (at 45% power setting) in a quiet environment (facilitated with a prop synch) avoiding all weather and saving flying time. Serial number: 582 Registration: D-IUTI (EASA- Germany) Type of Flights: AOC OFFER HIGHLIGHTS: All hours will be zeroed before selling (Planned Overhaul- Q4/2020) Always stored into a hangar.
Maximum Range
Max Speed
Useful Load
AIRFRAME TIME: 3355 HOURS (AIRFRAME LIMIT 15,000 HOURS) ANNUAL: Planned for DEC.2020, new expiry DEC.2021 ENGINES: Lycoming TIO-541-E1C4- 380 Hp TTSO ENGINE (L) - 0 hrs TTSO ENGINE (R) - 0 hrs TTSO PROP (L) - 0 hrs TTSO PROP (R) - 0 hrs Engine and Prop Overhaul planned for Q4/2020-Q1/2021 1619 Landings
In the cockpit you have all of the instrumentation required for reducing substantially the workload for single pilot operations. Just to highlight some Autopilot is KFC 250 with Yaw Damper and GPSS fully coupled to a Garmin 530 (it has a second Garmin 430) Avidyne MFD with Colour weather radar RDR 160 HSI RMI Stormscope DME ADF Shadin Fuel flow computer EDM 760 for engines monitoring 2 Transponders Co-pilot analogue instrumentation, flight into known ice, tinted windows.
9/10 Leather seats. Light Colour. As shown in the pictures.
9/10 White and Red as shown in the pictures.
GARMIN Glass Cockpit upgrade (at an additional cost)
$450 000
VAT free
Condition Used
Year 1982
Type Light twin
Aerodrome LCLK
Country Cyprus