BСЊcker BСЊ-131 Jungmann Kit

Type: Classic
Serial Number:
Reg Number: KIT
An unique chance to build your own, Lycoming Thunderbolt ready BСЊcker BСЊ-131 Jungmann. It is a brand new kit, with full manual and documentation required for registration.
Maximum Range
Max Speed
Useful Load
Zero hour, brand new type. Frame is designed for Lycoming Thunderbolt engine AEIO-320-D1B 160 HP. ENGINE NOT INCLUDED
To be purchased by the owner
Standard Bu-131 interior finish
To be painted by the owner
Kit comes with: Steel tubes frame T-131 Horizontal stabilizer Vertical stabilizer Rudder Elevators (2 pcs.) Wings with ailerons and metal attachments (4 pcs.) Wing struts (4 pcs.) Wing roots (2 pcs.) Center section Center section struts (6 pcs.) Main landing gear legs (2 pcs.) Main landing gear struts (2 pcs.) Tripod / Pyramid Tail wheel leg Fuselage wooden fairing Front tank cover Front top sheet Front bottom sheet Front side panels Front cockpit dashboard sheet Rear cockpit dashboard sheet Front cockpit sheet Rear cockpit sheet Front cockpit doors Rear cockpit doors Wing root covers (2 pcs.) Stabilizers covers (2 pcs.) Front seat Rear seat Fuel tank Oil tank Fuel system Oil system Control axle with front and rear stick Pushrods Levers Steering wires Cable harness Flying wires Bruntonns Firewall Engine cowlings Exhaust Silencer Engine mount
$95 000
excl 23% EU VAT
Condition Used
Year 2019
Type Classic
Aerodrome Rzeszow EPRZ
Country Poland