BСЊcker BСЊ-131 Jungmann

Type: Experimental
Serial Number:
Reg Number:
This stunning aircraft is a brand new T-131 Jungmann. It was handcrafted by our specialized engineers in accordance with the original Czechoslovakian documentation. Frame and metal parts are made of 4130 steel which is considerably stronger and harder than other standard steel grades and is commonly used in other commercial and military aircraft. Metal parts are secured against corrosion with best epoxy primers. Wings are made of aero grade carefully selected pine wood glued with certified adhesives and coated with the best quality wood varnishes.
Maximum Range
Max Speed
Useful Load
Engine Lom after full overhaul M332AK s/n 48012 6.03.2018 - overhauled MT fixed pitch propeller 1400 TBO 15 years EASA FORM 1 No. E-3/18 SJP-UI
Trig radio and transponder
with vintage looking leather seats and leather dashboard with all necessary avionics: Rear cockpit: altimeter, speedometer, bank coordinator, variometer, tachometer, accelerometer, compass, radio, transponder, engine control instruments. Front cockpit: altimeter, speedometer, bank coordinator, variometer
Aircraft is covered with Ceconite fabric and painted with high gloss and durable paint which is also flexible and crack resistant. All this features let the plane remain in perfect condition for decades. We decided to paint the aircraft in accordance with the IIWW era Luftwaffe training camouflage Serial No. PA204. Painted in Jg 54 “Grunherz” pattern.
$146 000
excl 23% EU VAT
Condition Used
Year 2020
Type Experimental
Aerodrome Rzeszow EPRZ
Country Poland