Alpi Pioneer 200

Type: Ultralight
Serial Number:
Reg Number: I-6584
Very good equipped Pioneer 200, 8.33, mode-s, autopilot and many other. Last year aircraft was seriously upgraded by me as I'm using it for flying from Germany to my home at Poland. Aircraft has brand new high performance Helix propeller (you can have also original one if you want), engine upgraded with slipper clutch to reduce harmonics vibrations and improve safety. Canopy is brand new (replaced 2 months ago) as old one had bad crack on left side (visible on some older photos). Aircraft is upgraded from 55 to 75L fuel tank (original tank bought from Alpi). To extend range more also special safe line and installation is installed to be able use external ferry tank for longer flight. Max fuel capacity for my long flights it 95l - 6 hours endurance at 185 kph - 1100 km. Its safe system not interrupting engine feed line and working perfect. Previous owner replaced with original parts most of metal parts (main landing gear, pushrods etc.) due to Alpi bulletin (time expired). In aircraft was invested around 10k EUR by me. I installed optional engine accessories as: - original Rotax airbox - additional water carburetor heaters (from Skydrive UK) - Fuel flow gauge - new type gearbox with slipper clutch - new ignition harness and HV coils - carburetors and all rubber elements (Rotax SB) overhauled/replaced - new type of oil pressure sensor and indicator Engine is running smooth without any problems, last compression test (from 80psi) 74-76-75-76 psi so perfect, no particles in filter or magnetic plug, serviced on a regular basis. I’m using this aircraft with success only to travel between West Germany and Poland so 3.5-4h legs. No school, no traffic patterns. It’s running excellent. Selling only because I have opportunity to buy a much faster aircraft. New 8.33 Trig TY91 radio with dual watch installed, comply all new regulations. Pioneer 200 is still produced by Alpi Aviation, all parts are available without any problem (most the same like in Pioneer 300) which gives you guarantee that you will have no problems in case something is needed.
Maximum Range
Max Speed
Useful Load
Airframe 1175h and growing Rotax 912UL with slipper clutch 1175h
8.33 Radio Trig TY91 with GPS frequency select Garmin GTX328 Mode-S Transponder with altitude hold and timers. -- There is also option to get it cheaper with GTX327 transponder. Airgizmos tray for Garmin 296/496 and installation for that Navaid AP-1 Wing leveler (you can buy module to connect it to gps and have full autopilot) Attitude indicator Directional gyro with heading bug Manifold pressure gauge ACS Starter key (like in normal plane) Klixon circuit breakers Fuel flow indicator/totalizer Double USB port for charging Landing light Nav lights Strobe lights OAT temperature indicator Garmin OAT sensor (transponder is calculating density altitude) Standard engine instruments
Leather 8/10
7/10 + brand new oryginal canopy
Optional cabin heater Airbox with ram-air intake Carburetor heater 75L internal tank Installation for long range tank USB Electrical flaps Parking brake Wing and stabilizer fiber-glass tips
$26 900
VAT free
Condition Used
Year 2003
Type Ultralight
Aerodrome EPKZ
Country Poland