Aeroprakt A-22 LS

Type: Ultralight
Serial Number:
Reg Number: D-MPRQ
Ultralight Aeroprakt A-22 LS, 100 Horsepower Engine, Hangared From Day One, Flight Time 32 Hours, Technical And Visual Perfect Condition. Aircraft Is curently Used For Flight Demos.
Maximum Range
Max Speed
Useful Load
TTSN. 32 Hours Aircraft Is Currently Flying. Rotax 912 ULS HP 100, Gearbox Slip Clutch Propeller KIEV (3 blades) With Spinner
MGL Blaze ASV-2 : - ASI 80mm (Airspeed Indicator) (km/h or kts) - VSI 80mm (Vertical Speed Indicator) (m/s or ft/min) - Altimeter 80 mm(m or ft) - QNH Setting (mb.) MGL Blaze EMS-2: - RPM - Oil Pressure - OIL Temperature - CHT - OAT - Volt Meter Other: - Transponder Mod S/C KTX 2 - Radio 8.33 kHz, Dual Channel - Compass analog - Slip Indicator Analog - Fuel Level Indicator (Analog)
- Adjustable Seats - Cockpit Heating - 12V USB Socket - Photo Doors - Like New
- Fuselage Aluminium Skin with Windows Behind Seats - Mud Guards On All Wheels - Landing Lights - Strobe/Positions Lights - Luggage Container With One Large Door - As New Condition
- Led Nav/Strob and Landing Lights - Long Range Fuel Tank (114 Liters) - Tundra Tires (6x8) With Mud Guards - Carburetor Heat. Box (Deice) - Night Vfr. Equipment - Battery Main Switch - Central Stick Y with dual brakes, - Parking Break Hydraulics - Cables and Brackets For Safety System Installation (600kg's) Junkers, max speed 380 km/h
$69 000
VAT free
Condition Used
Year 2019
Type Ultralight
Aerodrome LRBC
Country Romania